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An independent model I made, not based on a real building. It is loosely inspired by the Blaze restaurant in downtown Bangor. In addition to being the first model I made from scratch, it is also the first model with a fully decorated interior. It includes a restaurant on the first and second floors, a filming studio on the third floor, and an apartment on the top floor.

  • Built in 2019

  • 3,346 pieces

  • 10.1 x 10.4 x 13.0 in.

  • 6.5 pounds

Blaze Modular 2.png
Blaze Modular 4.png

Modular Restaurant and Apartment

By Hazel Mundell-Wood
Blaze Modular 5.png
Blaze Modular 6.png
Blaze Modular 7.png
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