This is by far our biggest and most detailed model so far.  It includes the majority of the original building in addition to the newer atrium.  The inside of the atrium is fully detailed, with tables, chairs, and a cafe.

  • Built in 2019-2020

  • 17,833 pieces

  • 153.6 x 64.0 x 44.5 cm

  • 1:48 Scale

  • 26.4 kilograms 

BPL Photo 14.png
BPL Photo 10.png
BPL Photo 16.png

Bangor Public Library

By Beckett Mundell-Wood
BPL Photo 17.png
BPL Photo 19.png
BPL Photo 18.png


79 Norfolk St.

Bangor, ME 04401

Tel: (207) 450-1434


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