Hello, and welcome to Bangor Brick Builds! We are a Bangor-based company made by 2 highschoolers that are enthusiastic about LEGO®. We make custom models of any building or structure you want. Our services are best-in-class and affordable! We hope we can make your model the best it can be!



Design Only:

8¢ per piece plus tax

Design + Build:

14¢ per piece plus the price to buy the pieces plus tax


The additional per-piece cost for built models is there in order to account for the additional hours required to buy and organize the parts as well as build the model.  One can expect the price of pieces to be approximately 15-20¢ per piece, though it can vary greatly on a case-by-case basis.

Example Invoice for a 2000 piece model (Design + Build):

Example Invoice for a 2000 piece model (Design Only):

Chart for approximate prices:

Piece Count
Price (Design Only)
Price (Design + Build)

PLEASE NOTE: These are only approximate prices and may vary significantly from order to order.  



79 Norfolk St.

Bangor, ME 04401

Tel: (207) 450-1434

Email: contact@bangorbrickbuilds.com

Bangor Brick Builds is not in any way endorsed or supported by the LEGO® group.