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Hello, and welcome to Bangor Brick Builds, a Bangor-based company made by Hazel Mundell-Wood, a LEGO® designer who is enthusiastic about LEGO®. Services include custom models of buildings or houses, custom LEGO® mosaics, and all other types of LEGO® designs.

minifig copy.png

Hazel Mundell-Wood (she/they)

I am the designer and founder of Bangor Brick Builds. I've been building things with LEGO® for as long as I can remember, and I've been professionally designing for years. I've built models of four public Bangor buildings, all of which are on display at their respective locations. With years of LEGO® design experience, I'm hoping to make your model the best it can be!

Our Team


Photos and statistics of all of my previous models. Click on a model to view more images and details.

Bangor Public Library

BPL Photo 14.png

Blue House

34 Kimball_a.png

Bangor High School


William S. Cohen School

Cohen !1.png

Bangor Opera House


Bangor City Hall

City Hall 2.png

Brown House


Modular Restaurant and Apartment

Blaze Modular 2.png

Modular Library

Library Assembled.png
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