Hello, and welcome to Bangor Brick Builds! We are a Bangor-based company made by Beckett Mundell-Wood, a LEGO® designer who is enthusiastic about LEGO®. Our services include custom models of buildings or houses, custom LEGO® mosaics, and all other types of LEGO® designs.

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beckett Mundell-wood

I am the lead designer and founder of Bangor Brick Builds. I've been building things with LEGO® for as long as I can remember, and I've been professionally designing for years. I've built models of four Bangor buildings, all of which are on display at their respective locations. With years of LEGO® design experience, I'm hoping to make your model the best it can be!



Photos and statistics of all of our previous models. Click on a model to view details.

Bangor Public Library

BPL Photo 14.png

Colonial House

34 Kimball_a.png

Bangor High School


William S. Cohen School

Cohen !1.png

Bangor Opera House


Bangor City Hall

City Hall 2.png

Modular Restaurant and Apartment

Blaze Modular 2.png

Modular Library

Library Assembled.png